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Heather Griggs
Dr. Heather Griggs


Dear Families:

I am excited to welcome our families, students and staff back for the 2019-2020 school year. As you can imagine, our team has been busy all summer preparing for school to start again. Our team has been working together as we focus this year on three goals:

  • Reading at or above grade level for all children
  • All students feeling safe at school
  • All students feeling connected to our school community

Through our ongoing trainings, collaborations and conversations at the Oro Grande School District, we will ensure that our students are readers, feel safe and are connected to our school community. The ability of our students to read and access information will be pinnacle in their ability to create their success in our rapidly changing world. It is equally important for your child to feel safe and connected to their school community. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us if we can assist your child.

Part of a student feeling safe and connected is the environment in which they attend school. As a district, we have facilitated several upgrades to our Oro Grande Elementary and Riverside Preparatory Schools, as well as the many campuses of Mojave River Academy.  

Oro Grande Elementary School is in the process of adding a library to the shared campus with Riverside Preparatory Elementary. The new 10,000-book library is currently being fitted for shelving and furniture. OGSD has partnered with Children’s Plus, Inc. to select the initial volumes of books. Children’s Plus, Inc. has designed the children’s collection for the San Francisco City Library and won multiple awards for their work in children’s library literature. One the furniture and books are installed, we will be hiring two library technicians to operate the library to allow for use all day long. If all goes well, it is our hope to have the library operational second semester.

Riverside Preparatory will see many new light poles at the secondary campus parking lots as we have more than doubled the lighting in those areas. The gymnasium is nearly completed with an overhaul replacement of the entire HVAC system, which will provide air conditioning rather than a swamp cooler for our students, staff and families, as well as energy efficient heating. Additionally, for the first time RP students will have permanent lights on the football field for activities. The new 80-foot LED light poles were installed over the summer and will allow for a true Friday Night Lights experience for all.

Mojave River Academy Schools are each in the process of overhauling centers to reflect a learning environment that engages our students in collaboration. The new design will facilitate a constructivist approach to education with the teacher as a facilitator, guiding learning and activities. Additionally, the new furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also fashioned to create a welcoming atmosphere that spurs both individual and group learning in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

Our greatest asset at OGSD are the amazing staff that choose to work daily to provide the best educational experience possible for your child. All of us strive to provide outstanding service to you and your children and give them the very best educational experience possible. We are excited to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year and look forward to serving you!

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